Friday, 22 November 2013

Public Ada Course!

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Due to a high demand for Ada training, we have now scheduled a public Ada training course to be delivered 20th to 22nd January 2014 near our offices in Caterham. 

The course details are as follows:

Course: PG-02: Programming in ADA95
Course Date: 20th – 22nd January 2014
Course Location: Caterham, Surrey, CR3 6QB

Course Description 

This course is specifically designed to teach the concepts and notation of Ada95. It promotes the concept of reusable software components and encourages a style of programming, which enforces a disciplined approach to software engineering.

The course focuses on the key constructs of types, subprograms, control structures and program units and object-oriented programming. It then tackles the more difficult subjects of tasking, generic programming and exception handling, supported throughout with simple analogies and a multitude of programming examples. Throughout the course the differences between Ada83 and Ada95 will be highlighted.

This course is highly recommended for those who have had little or no exposure to developing Ada programs and who want to master this elegant language.

For more detailed information please click here

So if you have engineers that would benefit from attending this course then please Call us now on +44(0)845 199 9932 or email

Ajay Patel

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