Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Our Blog is Back!!!

Hello… It’s been a while!

What can I say?! No excuses really for not posting for a while… Well, I say a while but let’s be honest it’s been over a year! But don’t fear we are back, better than before and raring to go!

A lot has happened since the last blog so to refresh your memory:

We are still graced by the presence of the Lovely Fiona, Ajay and Todd of whom you will remember from previous blogs.

Of course Derek is still around but at this time I should also introduce Fabrizio.

To explain, one of the reasons I am updating the blog is to link our other company Objektum Modernization, http://www.objektum-modernization.com/. This is where Fabrizio comes into the equation, he works in collaboration with Derek and despite being based in Italy, together they created Objektum Modernization, a fantastic company that provides the expertise and technology required to maintain and modernize legacy software applications. 
This is also where I come in, I am Derek and Fabrizio’s PA Katie. I am one of the new members of the team I started at the beginning of October but our newest member is Damian, he started only a few weeks ago. He is our talented graphic designer that along with other tasks, will be changing the look and feel of Objektum Modernization, including our blog, so watch this space!

 Another person to introduce would be Stefano (Stef), like Todd he is very technical and works upstairs with him on developing our products and other stuff I don’t understand! 
 And last but not least, I introduce Rupert. He started in August this year as part of the Sales team and like me he is having to adapt to the Technical language as it is Alien to us both!
So this is the team!...  hopefully you will be able to know who I am talking about in future blog posts and after all these introductions, we all welcome you to “The Technical Diaries”.

I (Katie) have been given the exciting task of getting this blog back up and running, I am really excited to post regularly, it’s a chance for my creative side to shine through and to hopefully show I can be quite witty and maybe sometimes comical… if given the chance!!. therefore, I hereby promise to update the blog as often as I can! I hope you enjoy reading my posts!
 I have been having a think for what our first blog should be about, a lot of ideas have crossed my mind but after much thought what a better way to start the blog than with the day we all wore Fake Moustaches.

On Friday 1st November, in support of “Mo”vember, we wore them with pride! It was a rather hilarious sight, if I say so myself! Everybody looked fantastic but I would have to say that Stefano wore his so well, he really suited it and we all feel he should think about growing that style for real.

A Few of us in a meeting that day! Was quite a challenge to stay serious when everybody looked like this!

(Left to right: Katie, Fabrizio, Todd, Rupert and Stef.)

I had a really good day not only was it entertaining to see everyone “rockin’ the tache”, but I also got to meet Fabrizio for the first time, he came over from Italy for a few days. It was great to finally meet him and to celebrate the occasion of having so many of us in the same place I baked a cake, and not to blow my own trumpet but it was one GOOD cake! Considering I baked it really quickly and quite late the night before!  

Friday’s are fantastic days but add cake and fake moustaches and it becomes a rather EPIC day!!...

Thanks for reading my first blog !
Katie :)


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