About Objektum Modernization

Objektum Modernization is a global company that provides the expertise and technology required to maintain and modernize legacy software applications, we are also based in the United Kingdom. 

With over 25 years of software engineering experience in areas ranging from Aerospace and Defence to Finance, we believe that Process, Quality and People are the key to success. Founded on these 8 Principles, our company continues to use them and as a result we succeed and have helped several large, well- known companies across the Globe.

Object Oriented, model driven and automated approach
Best technology, approach and services on the market
Just in time, do the right thing at the right time
Excellence, good is not good enough; we always strive to do better
Know how is not enough, we integrate process, people and tools
Teamwork, our achievements are the result of the combined effort of each individual         
Unique, we aim to be different and stand out in a crowd
Maintain business integrity, professionalism, respect and fairness at all times
We are an innovative company, with an excellent team of workers and what makes us so successful is our determination to work hard and to try and solve any problems our clients have, every member of the team has been carefully hand-picked because they hold the right skills and attitude that we believe are key in maintaining a successful business. As well as having a hardworking team, we thrive in the industry thanks to our Automated, model driven technology.

Our Technology

The Technology we designed provides a stable foundation for everything we do. We use our own tools and techniques which allows us to boast a high level of productivity in our team that definitely exceeds what would be expected of a large software team .
We are a passionate and experienced company that offer fantastic tools and services that will achieve results.

If you would like to benefit from our technology, service and customer focused approached to application maintenance or modernization then please get in touch. (add contact details.)

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