Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas List for Geeks and Engineers

Today is Black Friday in the US. It's the day after Thanksgiving Day and traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping rush. It's the busiest shopping day in the US every year. If you're like me, that will fill you with paralysing fear. The queues, the commotion, the clothes falling off the hangers. It's terrifying out there. But hurrah, technology has saved us once again! Jump online and have it delivered to you whilst you get on with your life. 

So, whether it's for a friend, colleague or loved one, here's our list of Christmas present ideas for those software nuts and computer geeks. Don't worry, we're not turning into a shopping channel or GQ magazine showcasing the "hottest and slickest" gadgets no-one can really afford, this is a fun Friday lunchtime post to embrace our inner nerd.

Keep cables, wires and gadgets tidy with this nifty organiser.

   2. Wipe T Shirt $89.00
This smart T shirt  has a convenient, built-in microfiber cloth to wipe your glasses or mobile phone. 

Embrace Christmas 2.0 and send a personalised message on a QRistmas card. 


Say I love you to your partner in a way that they understand. 

5. "Backspace" T-shirt from Threadless  $10.00 (Mens and Womens sizes available)

Everytime you hit the backspace key, imagine that the cursor doing the moonwalk. How can you not be smiling?

Now, remember your Paypal password and get clicking. This activity contains no queues, no unhelpful sales assisstants and no need to fight for survival. Enjoy.