Thursday, 14 November 2013

Blog posts to suit everyone!

Expect blogs from us all!!

Hello again, this is Katie, I’m writing my second blog post and I have to say I am really getting into this blog writing. As you may have already seen our blog is going through a few cosmetic changes and I am positive it is going to look fantastic once it’s done!

This blog is about the blog, ironically! I thought it would be a good idea to let you know, that I am currently encouraging the whole team to get involved in this blog, that way there will be a huge variety of blogs posted, which will apply to our readers from all walks of life.
The best way to explain this would be to use myself as an example! I am not the brightest crayon in the box!, So I would struggle to write the posts that this blog should mainly consist of which is obviously technical ones, evidently as it is called the “THE TECHNICAL DIARIES”! 
These posts will be crammed full of information and technical language that is really useful for you to see as they may help you gain full understanding into what our company can offer to you. Now giving myself some credit, I am not stupid either! Common sense kicks in and the obvious candidates to write the technical ones, will be the technical people?!….am I right? Of course I am! Therefore I WILL be forcing blogs from the likes of Todd, Stefano and maybe even a few from the big bosses Derek and Fabrizio! (*if you haven’t read my 1st post then please do as I introduce everyone there!).

Ok, now adding to the Technical posts, is me. I will being posting blogs about the staff and my job role etc. to mix it up a bit, I mean let’s be honest who doesn’t want to hear about our Fake Moustache day!  (*again refer back to my 1st blog!) 
Anyway, my intention is to posts about special days like that, our occasional team building days, Christmas parties, birthdays and so on! But also to talk about my role as a PA. Like I have said before I have only been in this job for 1 month and this is my first PA role, I am learning so many new things, I really love my job because of all the fantastic people I work with but one of the other reasons I am pleased that I have the job is that I get to go to a course once a week where I am currently studying for a PA Diploma, it is such a great opportunity for me, I have only been 3 times so far however I really enjoy it and I intend to post a few blogs on things I learn there!

I am sure you will also hear from Rupert a few times! Like me he is new to the role and I know that he plans to posts about what he is learning which I’m sure you will benefit from reading as you will get to hear about the tools we offer in detail in a way that I am sure you will all understand whether you are technical or not, so look out for his too!

So I’m now left with Fiona, Ajay, Alex and Damian.

Alex is one of the Lecturers who delivers a lot of the courses that Objektum Solutions provides. I am sure you will see posts from him as well as it will be great to show you all what our courses are like and whether we have any coming up that may be useful for you or your company

Fiona, like Todd and the others I mentioned earlier, certainly does have the capability of writing the technical ones too but she is an all-rounder, so you should see a few posts from her talking about all sorts of things!

Damian as I have said before is our graphic designer so if posts are written by him, you can bet they will be about graphics and his work but to give him his due, he is already contributing heavily to the blog , as you can see from the major changes to the design! Which looks fantastic!

Last but not least is Ajay, now I feel he may be the toughest challenge for me! He has already said he isn’t a natural blogger, but one way or another I will get Ajay to post a blog or two (Ajay you have been warned :D), so keep a look out for those!
So that’s everyone, I will try my best to get as many blogs posted for you to see, We really want this blog to interesting and entertaining as well as informative for you all !

I hope you enjoy reading our posts, in the next couple of days I will be posting my first blog based on my experiences working at Objektum and how I am getting on with my PA diploma!

Thanks for reading


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