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Google Doodle well deserved!!!!

Grace Hopper honoured with Google doodle
Google Doodle- 9/12/13

One of the pioneers of computer programming, the creator of the first ever compiler and a Rear Admiral in the US Navy, Grace Murray Hopper, has been honoured with a Google doodle today, on what would have been her 107th birthday.

With a PhD in mathematics from Yale, Hopper enlisted in the US Navy Reserve in 1943 to contribute to the war effort, working on early computers at Harvard University for a Bureau of Ships project. She remained in the reserve force after the war but went to work for the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation to develop the UNIVAC I – only the second commercial computer in the USA.

It was here that she helped to lay the foundations for modern computer science. She created the first ever compiler, which is a program that takes source code from one language and converts it into another and a key component in her idea of writing machine-independent programs. Until then, programs were highly specialised for the hardware that they written on. Her ideas then led to the birth of COBOL, one of the first languages that freed programs to run on a range of hardware.

She is also credited with coining the term “debugging” for removing glitches from a program’s source code. It is thought to have arisen from her work on the rudimentary Mark II Computer, when a moth had become stuck in a relay and stopped the machine from working. As she removed it she was said to be “debugging” the system. The remains of the moth are still on display today at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History in Washington DC.

We at Objektum Modernization find her really important in the history of Software development and feel she is well deserving of a Google Doodle and a mention on our Blog!!!

Nowadays many companies still have legacy COBOL systems which are based on the early work done by Grace Hopper.  Those same companies are now turning to Objektum Modernization to provide the technology and services required to bring their business critical applications into the 21st century, whilst providing maximum return on their initial development investment.

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We found all the information about Grace Hopper on the telegraph website!

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