Monday, 10 March 2014

Our Clients Fantastic Experience at the WBSK First race at Philip Island

After hearing the great news that Our Sponsor team Voltcom Crescent Suzuki Team were victorious in the first race in Philip Island, we thought we would contact our clients who went to the race to find out all about the exciting event!

Below is the testimonial from the group of our clients we invited along, written by Minnie Tabilog, this was their experience…

“It's a pleasure to share our experience as guests of Objektum and the Crescent Suzuki team at the recently concluded World Superbike Championship in Phillip Island.

Most of us who attended have not been to a motorbike racing event before and so were pleasantly surprised at how well-organised the event was. Collecting our passes, parking the car, and finding the Suzuki team's garage was a breeze. 

We first met Christina Bulpett, who kindly went looking for Tim Walpole and brought him over to meet us. They look after Crescent Suzuki's WSBK sponsors and PR. Then Paul Denning (Team Manager) came out to say hello, which was really nice of him given that the race was starting in less than two hours.

After the introductions, Tim took us inside the garage for a tour. The team were very busy preparing for the first race but they gave us a very warm welcome. The atmosphere was very collegial and pretty relaxed, but there's definitely an underlying sense of excitement. We were very impressed with how well the guys worked together, each one calmly going about their tasks.

Tim patiently answered all our questions, and allowed us to take photos of the bikes as they were being put together. He thanked us again and again for supporting the team. We were pretty stoked to be able to personally wish Eugene and Alex good luck for the race. 

With the tour over, we decided to grab something to eat before finding the best spot to watch the race. We ended up on the pit garage roof, overlooking the start/finish line. We were very quiet, initially, but cheered louder and louder as Eugene climbed his way up from seventh to lead the pack. 

The other spectators definitely knew which team we were supporting when the race ended. Lots of hugs and high-fives to go around. It really made the trip quite special. Their first World Championship win since 2010 and we were there to see that happen! Awesome!!!

Next on our agenda was to look around the expo.  On our way there, we bumped into Christina bearing flowers and champagne for the team. She stopped for a chat and we enquired about Alex because we were quite worried after seeing him crash. More photos and congratulatory messages for the guys, then we set off again.

The expo was like an Aladdin’s cave, well, for bikers. It was fun looking at the superbikes and accessories on display. Some folks got a bit carried away with their wish list for their dream superbike(s). I can see a shopping trip coming up soon! The talk was quite animated and carried on until we reached our chosen spot for the second race.

We settled down with our picnic blankets on a grassy bank just before the final turn, where you can get very close to the action at ground level. Other, more energetic, members of the party went to explore further around the circuit. We knew they just wanted to keep debating bike purchase options.

The atmosphere was even more exciting at the start of the second race. All the teams were doubly fired up for their last chance of a win at Phillip. We were so relieved to see Alex and his bike were okay to race again. He certainly won a lot of admirers that day. It was incredible watching Eugene advance from fifth to first, and remained confident even when he dropped to second on lap fourteen. So imagine how bad we felt for him when heard the engine blow up and the red cards come out. 

We made our way back to the garages to thank Tim and Christina, and pass on our well wishes to the rest of the team. We had a fantastic time and didn't let our disappointment at the outcome of the second race keep us from celebrating the win. The team showed us that they can take on their much bigger competitors and come out on top.
We'd like to thank Objektum for inviting us to attend the opening event, and wish the Crescent Suzuki team all the best for the rest of the 2014 WSBK season. "

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