Monday, 27 June 2011

Happy 100th Birthday IBM!

100 years old is an impressive age to reach for a company. As IBM point out in their essay on the occasion “Of the top 25 industrial corporations in the United States in 1900, only two remained on that list at the start of the 1960s. And of the top 25 companies on the Fortune 500 in 1961, only six remain there today.” 

They have launched a website to celebrate their 100th birthday and their journey up until now. It is inspiring to know what a company can achieve in a century and how much technology has advanced since their conception in 1911.

 For our own company and growth, this quotation from Samuel J. Palmisano is especially poignant... 
“ If your business is based on
moving to the future, you
can’t be emotionally tied
to your past.”
— Samuel J. Palmisano,
Chairman, President and CEO, IBM

We have been working with IBM technologies and personnel since our incorporation and our consultants have worked with the tools in various industries for even longer. We are now Authorised Training Partners and not only work with IBM as a reseller but we also use our expertise to deliver a wide selection Rational courses. 

So all that remains to say is that we hope that we will be working with IBM for many more years to come and that we hope that our British IBM colleagues receive a telegram from the Queen (or does she send texts now?).          

And if you have a little more time, watch the IBM video they have created for the occasion...

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