Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Permission to Launch

Cat, who looks after all our marketing, kicks off the blog with our first post...

 Firstly, I have a confession to make. I am the least technical person in Objektum Solutions. To give you a gauge on this, I got overly excited the other day when I was able to map a network drive to my computer without having to call out pathetically for one of the team to help.  So yes, it is a little strange that I should be writing the first post in The Technical Diaries, but whilst the rest of the team are coming up with ground-breaking, never-done-before, problem-solving technology and solutions that make clients say (and I quote, verbatim) “It’s like all my dreams have come true”, I look after the communications for Objektum. 

Now, over the last month our internal communications have gone pretty much like this:

Cat, “Derek, you need to get involved with this discussion on LinkedIn, its right up your street”

Derek, “Yes, alright, I’ll do it later.”

Cat, “You said that last time I asked. Do it now.”

Please don’t feel sorry for Derek. I’ve been picking on everyone.  Slowly but surely, everyone has started to see the value of LinkedIn. As much as I was excited about mapping that network drive, whenever somebody now uses the word “connecting” in the office they look over at me and smile as if to say “Get me talking this marketing lingo!” 

It wasn’t easy to explain to a group of very practical people that we needed to be “spreading the message” and you can imagine the blank expressions when I mentioned “thought leadership”. But there was a turning point that shocked me to my very core. After a training session we had on Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing, Alex and Derek turned round to me and both said in perfect harmony “I think we should start blogging”.  I asked them whether they would actually write the posts. They said yes. I asked them whether they would be committed to writing interesting content even if they were really, really busy. They said yes. I asked them if they would resent me nagging them about it. They smiled. This is obviously yet to be discovered but I’ll let you know... 

As indicated in the name of the blog, The Technical Diaries, this will be a collection of posts and stories for those in the technical world. I’ll try to make sure that it is not too dry and it will cover a wide variety of topics including more human factors.  If you subscribe to our RSS Feed you’ll be able to see when there’s something new to read and comments and suggestions are most welcome. 

Thank you for reading the blog thus far. 

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